Atomic, nuclear and particle physics Particle Physics planck constant

Planck Constant with LEDs Excel Simulation

Excel simulation for the Planck constant with LEDs experiment.

Students gather striking voltage for each colour by changing te pd, then plot pd vs 1/λ where the gradient is hc/e.

The password to unlock is: physics

Atomic, nuclear and particle physics Nucler radiation Particles and Radiation Particles and Radiation revision Radioactivity

Gamma Absorption by Lead Excel Simulation

Basic simulation of scalar readings for variable thicknesses of lead. Readings are valid but change randomly and can be used to determine the half thickness.

Version 1.2 allows you to take a background count. You can change the background count parameters in the secret [Settings] tab.

The password to find the secret [Settings] tab (unlock the workbook in Review > Unprotect Workbook/Sheet) is physics.

In case 1.2 borks, here is version 1.0:

DC Electricity - Key Concepts Resistance Resitivity

Determine Resistivity Excel Simulation

A spreadsheet to give the students the opportunity to measure the resistivity of a piece of wire. The spreadsheet lets them “place” (type) crocodile clips (^) against a “wire” and gives them resistance readings that have built in uncertainty. There are also photos of their micrometer readings.

The password on the sheets and workbook is physics, and there is a hidden sheet where you can set the resistivity of the wire and the uncertainty.