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Planck Constant with LEDs Excel Simulation

Excel simulation for the Planck constant with LEDs experiment.

Students gather striking voltage for each colour by changing te pd, then plot pd vs 1/λ where the gradient is hc/e.

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Atomic structure Electricity Energy Forces Magnetism Particle Physics Space Waves

Peter Edmunds – KS4

These resources have been designed with the AQA GCSE specification in mind. However, the vast majority of resources will overlap with other exam boards. Where a resource is not contained within the AQA specification, it will be labelled as such.
Each of the topics contains:
– A booklet that consists of core notes, worksheets and exam questions (all but the waves topic have answers).
– Many, many freely downloadable worksheets (answers contained within the answered booklet documents).
There are also lots of revision resources and some maths in physics resources also.

Beta decay Particle Physics

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